Slow Food Solano Goals

The Solano Slow Food Convivium is a local chapter of the non-profit Slow Food USA ( and A better, cleaner, and fairer world begins with what we put on our plates – and our daily choices determine the future of the environment, economy, and society.  Our mission is to help create and sustain a food system that is:

  • Good: Our food should be tasty, seasonal, local, fresh, and wholesome.
  • Clean: Our food should nourish a healthy lifestyle and be produced in ways that preserve biodiversity, sustain the environment, and ensure animal welfare – without harming human health.
  • Fair: Our food should be affordable by all, while respecting the dignity of labor from field to fork.
  • For all: Good, clean, and fair food should be accessible to all and celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions, and nations that reside in the USA.

Slow Food News

Genentech partners with Slow Food

Through a partnership with Slow Food Solano, over 40 Genentech employees transformed the school garden at Suisun Valley Elementary School in Fairfield this past June, and prepared it for the new school year. Besides building garden boxes, weeding and pruning, Genentech employees helped install the school’s first life lab laboratory and first human sundial. Suisun Valley Elementary School is a recipient of a school garden grant from Slow Food Solano, and incorporates the garden in the curriculum at all grade levels. (For background music, tap the vertical bars to the right of the progress bar on the video. It’s off by default).

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Become a Slow Food Solano Sponsor for our School Garden Grant Program!

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