Napa Grass Farmer Hosts May Mixer

John and BuffaloNapa Grass Farmer welcomed Slow Food Solano to its Mankas Corner Road setting in Fairfield on Memorial Day weekend for our annual Spring Mixer with a Saturday potluck and a tour of its 150-acre regenerative farming operation.

In Slow Food, the talk tends to be center on good, clean fruits and vegetables grown locally. But Napa Grass Farmer is giving us a remarkable opportunity to examine the eggs and meat we eat and learn what standards we should aim for in what we chose to buy for morning scrambles, Saturday night barbecues, and chicken soup.

Loading the 30 mixer guests on his hay-bale-lined flatbed wagon, our co-host, John, informed us on the five standards to better tasting, healthier meat that is the bedrock of his farming operations and principals.

Our eyes were opened to what we all need to understand and integrate into our own food buying choices.

Taking notes during the tour was not easy with a wine glass in one hand. However, the website explains it all: going beyond organic to better tasting, nutritional superior meat by farming methods that are good for the land, good for animals and good for us.

Napa Grass Farmer meat, eggs, and other specialty foods are available only through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) monthly box. Through its website, the customer can customize an order to fit one’s needs. Orders are picked up at the farm at the end of the month.

Slow Food Solano thanks John and Gabby, partners in this remarkable farm, for hosting us. We encourage everyone to study what they do at Napa Grass Farmer as well as sample their amazing products.

– Cynthia Huddleston
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